Our Services
Critical care consultation of ICU patients
Specialised critical training to medical officers, nursing staff in form of CRITICAL CARE TUTORIALS for inspection purpose or regular teaching in various medical, nursing colleges & hospitals
Management and Care of any patient with or impending organ system failure.
Management of High risk surgical patients
Treatment of Unknown poisoning cases
Handling Emergencies like acute MI, Acute pancreatitis, Shock or any case requiring ICU
Care of Ventilated patients or requiring ventilator support
Complex or chronic critically ill patients.
ACLS/BLS skills & as instructors
Extra Corporeal life support systems like: CRRT
Transport of critically ill patients in ICU on wheels by dedicated critical care team
Antibiotic & parenteral nutrition advise
Evaluation & preop fitness of high risk surgical patients
ECG at your doorstep service which provides for 24 X 7 ECG service at any place throughout the Ahmedabad
Telemedicine via teamviewer with various hospitals of Ahmedabad.
Planning to be a PG teacher in Indian diploma in critical care course in corporate hospitals of Ahmedabad from the year 2016.
In hospital academics to train nursing & paramedical staff.
Intensive care backup to small ICUs in Ahmedabad or in peripheries of Ahmedabad

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